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About Us

Joli harvesting spruce tipsBJesse Remundack Bay Botanicals is a family business located in the Southeast Alaska island community of Sitka. In this rich, beautiful country between the forest and the sea, our family wild-crafts or grows most of the botanicals featured in our products.

We use only organically grown and wild-crafted herbs in our products. Carefully blended in small quantities, our nature-based products are of the highest quality.

Back Bay Botanicals began while raising my family on Back Bay in a remote Alaska community, relying on the subsistence uses of local plants for both food and medicine. I eventually developed my own herbal remedies and these products then spread to our families and friends. Gradually, Back Bay Botanicals became a business in 1986, continuing to grow as we moved to Sitka in 2001.

I welcome any questions or comments. Call me at
907-747-8375 or email:


Jean Longstreth
Sitka, Alaska
Made in Alaska Permit # 3771

Member of the Made In Alaska Program since 1996.

Jean harvesting plantain leaves
Jean and Dennis Longstreth
Jean and Joli